About Us

Our 2nd location in Angus is NOW OPEN!

For the past 10 years we have been servicing Innisfil and surrounding area helping them smile from ear to ear. Our Innisfil location is conveniently located in the heart of Alcona. They started the business in their home at this same location, Leila and Tarvo moved to Alcona with their two small children and renovated their 2 car garage to accommodate a denture clinic. Starting with bare bones and doing most of the work themselves they built a quaint 400 sq' denture clinic.

With Leila at the front desk and Tarvo seeing patients during the day and making dentures at night they quickly became very busy and needed to hire a dental technician. Patient referrals were and still are the key to their continued growth. After 5 years they began to outgrow their tiny office and needed to expand. Plans began to build an addition. After the birth of 2 more children, Leila decided to go back to school after her university degree in health sciences to pursue hearing after her father's suggestion. He wears hearing aids and thought it would be convenient to have someone in the family to help service them! And so was born the i Denture & Hearing Team.

Recently we have decided to add a 2nd location in Angus which prompted the name change to i Denture & Hearing, with two locations to serve you better.

Our team of services extends our patient care and provides a one-stop shop for our patients needs

i Denture & Hearing is often featured in Community Newspapers and have received numerous awards including new business of the year and retail business of the year by the Greater Innisfil Chamber of Commerce. The i Denture Clinic has also received awards on Customer Satisfaction. We are now excited to be a part of the Angus and Bordon community as well to bring local services to those in need.

What to expect at your appointment

You will always be greeted with a warm welcome. There is no charge for your initial consultation, we will just have a conversation and come up with a treatment plan. We strongly encourage that you bring someone with you, either a family member or a friend, who can help give us a more complete picture of your current situation. Many times we find that loved ones can give insight that may otherwise be overlooked.

At a hearing appointment we will discuss where you are having difficulties hearing, test your hearing, discuss communication barriers and get a thorough understanding of your listening environment. Based on all these factors we can recommend where to go from here. Sometimes it will be a hearing aid, sometimes, just communication strategies. Regardless of the recommendation, you can be assured that you will leave the appointment with an excellent understanding of where you are and what the next steps may be. Leila is extremely patient and takes the time to truly understand your situation. Not all hearing aids suit everyone and we need to take the time to decide what is the best for you.

At a denture appointment, the denturist will assess the condition of your dentures, gums, and remaining teeth. From the initial assessment we will also check the fit of the denture and the wear on the teeth. Treatment plans vary from a simple reline or repair, to new dentures, or denture implants for superior denture function. If you are facing tooth loss, and are considering a denture for the first time, you have definitely come to the right place. We can ensure that dentures are placed on the same day as extractions so that you won't go a single day without being able to eat or smile. Making a new denture is a multi-step process which is a combination of where art meets science. Tarvo has a keen eye for detail. He will take into consideration your face shape, hair and skin colour, and even old photos of you when choosing your teeth for that optimal smile. Your smile will look natural and beautiful! Each step is done with the utmost care and precision. We take a very custom approach and make your dentures on-site. You will have a much better experience to have your dentures made by a denture specialist.

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